A Photo Tool (Libre)

Photo editor for Linux.

A Photo Tool (Libre) is image editing app with lots of tools. You have great options to adjust the photos just the way you want them to look.

Released under GPLv3 lisence. Free to download and use. Open source - full source code available at GitHub.

Works on Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Debian and others. Choose from Snap package at Snapcraft store, Debian .deb package at GitHub or Arch Linux AUR script to install on your favorite Linux variant.

Debian .deb package
Get it from the GitHub

Snap package for Ubuntu,
Linux Mint, Manjaro and many others
Get it from the Snap Store

For Arch Linux and derivatives
Get it from the Arch Aur

AppImage for (almost) any Linux
Get it from the GitHub

App Description

Photo editing app for GNU/Linux.

Includes exposure and color settings, custom B&W tool and more to create great photos. Tools enable you to fix common mistakes like color balance and tint.


Supports JPEG and some other file formats

A Photo Tool (Libre) is free to download and use.

Security Information

PGP for aphototool @ ahola.me (required by Arch Linux AUR installation)

PGP key: a970f7e40cb64f0d5b9fc516afe56c2df614820c
PGP public key block on:

sha256sum for Debian .deb package

sha256sum check for aphototoollibre_1.0.5-1_amd64.deb Intel / AMD 64 bit
aed95063760d212f66973735f54838770b528563a079e972178a4904d72971d8 aphototoollibre_1.0.5-1_amd64.deb
sha256sum check for aphototoollibre_1.0.5-1_arm64.deb ARM 64 bit
4fdcc1a9ef80c739318f0af3de136675b1838927e4c1e8c50e6dee678ea30448 aphototoollibre_1.0.5-1_arm64.deb


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